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Not many entertainers will display their prices  on the Internet. Diane is different. She believes in fair pricing and has not put up her prices in over 6 years.

There are no hidden extras at Diane's Puppets, and there is something to suit everyone's budget and party.

Prices start at £97 and go up to £220 for a full two hours entertainment INCLUDING face painting and a full puppet show in a traditional booth, extraordinary value for money!

Basic Suitcase presentation

A fun but affordable puppet experience, suitable from the very young to the quite sophisticated!

No puppet booth here (which is reflected in the price) but Diane uses a pink suitcase to present her very diverse collection of puppets and silly songs for a fun packed 'cabaret style' experience.

Expect to sleep and hop with Bobby Bunny, teach Diane the right animal sounds on Old Macdonalds Farm, find out how elephants really wash their clothes, stroke a friendly lion, jump on the bed with Jaffa the monkey and maybe ride on Tony the Pony who belongs to Mr Macaroni. Oh and receive magic twinkle toes wishes  from Fifi the Fairy! and a whole lot more!

                                                                                                     45 minute session.......................£97 


Suitcase presentation plus


Complement the basic suitcase package with the addition of 45 minutes fabulous face painting.

                                                                                                    90 minute session.......................£140


Storytellers Apron Series basic


If it's traditional stories you're after and you're on a budget or having your party in a park or a venue that calls for a creative approach, this is the one for you! Diane brings her magic story telling apron with its many pockets full of puppets and props and turns the ordinary into Once upon a time....

Choose from traditional Grimms/ Anderson tales or the very gorgeous African/Caribbean Anansi stories.

 ( no puppet booth)

*NEW STORY* SPACE MOUSE                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                    45 minute session………..£97

 Storytellers Apron Series Craft session


Complement the basic Apron session with a simple craft activity to suit the theme.

                                                                                                    90 minute session ...................£140


Storytellers Apron Series Plus


Complement the basic Apron session with 45 minutes of fabulous face painting

                                                                                                        90 minute session..................£140


Traditional booth show basic

 An hours puppet session with half an hour puppet introduction followed by a half an hour puppet show in a traditional puppet booth. Many stories to choose from.                 

                                                                                                             60 minute session...............£150


Traditional booth show plus

Complement your hour's session with half an hour of fabulous face painting.

                                                                                                               90 minute session............£170


Traditional booth show deluxe

Just provide the audience, tea and going away gift and let me do the rest!  

A full two hours of entertainment!

Starting with 45 minutes of bubbles, puppets, singing and giggles, followed by 45 minutes of face painting during the tea and finished off in spectacular style with a full puppet show in a  traditional 'seaside style' puppet booth.                 

                                                                            120 minute session...........£190 weekday/£220weekend