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Here at Diane's Puppets I pride myself on providing the best puppet shows for children's birthday parties in the London area. Recommended by celebrities including Natasha Kaplinksy and Laurence Dallaglio , Diane's clients are happy to tell you about their experience  themselves.

I'm a children's  party entertainer/puppeteer of over 17 years experience with a background in Fine Arts, which means I make and perform all of my own puppet shows. Being a mum myself, I have a good understanding of the needs of parents and a natural rapport with children of all ages. No child too young, I have lots of experience of working with the youngest of party goers and encourage gentle interaction with my cuddly puppets. I have also had years of experience of working with older children, adults and children with special needs. I respect every child's individuality and try and work empathically with every child I encounter.  


 A Diane's Puppets party is a fun but calm affair, with attention focused and energies channelled into jumping up and down and plenty of interaction. I recognise that puppetry requires a degree of trust from the audience, after all, I do go behind a screen and go 'boo!' with puppets, so I always start any session by getting to know my audience with some silly songs and chat. Boys often show their anxiety by initially hitting out, but I reassure them that my puppets don't bite and allow them positive contact ( a cuddle or a stroke) from the puppet instead. Other than that, I don't treat boys or girls differently, only recognising that the secret to keeping things under calm control lies in keeping children busy: hence expect lots of standing up/sitting down and jumping on the spot activity along with puppet participation. I never expect children to be able to sit still for any extended time, even adult audiences get fidgety! Even the booth shows have interactive elements built in to deal with the wiggles and fidgets. Whatever show I perform, patting and chatting to Bonzo the dog at the end of the show is a constant that most children remember with fondness.  


I offer traditional 'Punch and Judy' style puppet booth shows,( although I no longer do the traditional Punch and Judy story for a variety of reasons) silly songs and comedy giggles , bubbles, enchanting storytelling sessions and fabulous face painting all for a price you can afford.



What is unique about Diane's Puppets is that there is no need to book a separate face painter as Diane can provide you with quality speedy face painting as part of her 'plus' packages for up to 20 children*.

Tiger face painting


*Parties over 20 children require a separate facepainter for an additional  small charge.