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The Suitcase Show

A fun but affordable puppet experience, suitable from the very young to the quite sophisticated! 
No puppet booth here, but Diane uses a pink suitcase to present her very diverse collection of puppets and silly songs for a fun packed 'cabaret  style' experience. 

Expect to sleep and hop with Bobby Bunny, teach Diane the right animal sounds on Old Macdonalds Farm, find out how elephants really wash their clothes, stroke a friendly lion, jump on the bed with Jaffa the monkey and maybe ride on Tony the Pony who belongs to Mr Macaroni. Oh and receive magic twinkle toes wishes  from Fifi the Fairy! and a whole lot more!


Great for audiences of mixed ages.


Storytellers Apron series

 A more intimate style of entertainment, Diane weaves a magical spell with traditional stories from around the world.

Choose from the following stories:



Red Riding Hood


The three little pigs

Anansi ( Traditional African/Caribbean spider trickster stories)

*NEW* Space Mouse ( a fun space adventure suitable for all ages)

All of the above stories are illustrated with beautiful handmade puppets and props. Watch as Diane transforms your home or venue into an intimate theatrical delight.

Booth Shows

All these shows are performed in a traditional Punch and Judy style puppet booth with music and lighting. (Limited to indoor performance only for safety reasons)

The Bobby Bunny Show


This is my most requested show and is the sure bet if you aren't sure which show is for you.

This isn't so much a sit down and watch show, as a get up and hop show!

No scary characters in this show, making it a perfect choice for mixed age audiences. There is enough silly slapstick humour to keep even the most jaded 'big boys and girls' transfixed and giggling to the end. Who can resist a naughty hopping bunny? Set to music, this is a surefire party winner!

Fifi the Fairy


The phenomenon that is Fifi the Fairy stars in her own show! Our naughty fairy is looking forward to going on an outing with her Mummy but she doesn't expect that Mummy will take her to school! Fifi manages to be cheeky and turns her lovely teacher into a Birthday Witch by accident. We help Fifi catch the witch ( with the help of our friendly policeman) and turn the witch back into Miss Muffet by the time Fifi's mummy comes to pick her up from Nursery.
A  very silly, funny and exciting show.
Expect screams of delight and giggles galore!

 Fifi the Fairy at London Zoo

Fifi returns in a new show
that is set in the fabulous London Zoo. She is looking forward to seeing the monkeys with her mummy, but mummy has other ideas. She wants Fifi to meet a snake in the reptile house. Fifi runs away and the adventures really start as Fifi meets the other animals in the zoo. Lots of musical fun and animal adventures suitable for both boys and girls alike.


THE PEARL DRAGON and the little bird who wanted to fly


A visual feast, this  beautiful original story ( written by my lovely friend Lena Augustinson) is set in China and on the golden moon. Featuring a singing tree, a golden moon tiger , a little bird who longs to be free and grow bigger wings and a beautiful , gentle, if fierce, Pearl Dragon. By far the most enchanting tale in my repertoire, this is a different style of show, slightly slower paced but intensely magical. A treat for the senses and the soul.


 It's YoHo Ho and a whole lotta fun in this swashbuckling , crocolicious piratical yarn. Expect all the usual piratey stuff, treasure, crocodile, sharks and salty sea dog action and songs.
Perfect for a Pirate and Mermaid themed party !
                                                          Shh... there's a mermaid hiding in the show somewhere…


Okay, so it's the classic Red Riding Hood story really, but is she really the star of the show?
An exciting , thrilling wander into the deep dark woods with an unexpected twist.

Are you sure
he really is the Big Bad Wolf?